What We Do

Our Mission: Adding Value…Enhancing Lives.

In a continent where survival is more common than thriving, we as Africans have almost forgotten the art of living.

This has also impacted the way we do business. Entrepreneurs are now left struggling for survival rather than FINDING WAYS to make a difference, as every enterprise has a responsibility to do.

FRAF was birthed out of a passion to help disadvantaged and endangered species and groups of people. WHY? Because when they understand that there is more to live than mere survival; when they too are able to look beyond their immediate needs, challenges and problems, then, and only then, can we begin to see that within them lies the desire to thrive.

Thriving when so many things around you say otherwise can be an uphill, and for some, impossible task. You see people who live in war torn areas struggling to keep a roof over their heads or to fill their bellies with one warm meal per day. How do you tell them that there is more to life?

FRAF seeks to fill in the gap of not just telling these people, but showing them and helping them to see that they can, in spite of their struggles, be so much more.

Having identified entrepreneurs as one of the disadvantaged groups, we strive to help entrepreneurs understand this responsibility, and guide them through the process of finding their purpose, igniting their passion and provide the support necessary to go from vision conception through the birth and nurturing to its fulfilment.

We believe that every human being has something to offer and the challenges they encounter can be an impediment, however with some help, these challenges can be surmounted and the ultimate vision fulfilled.

The foundation has a work plan…

To INSPIRE (people and businesses to understand that one of their roles is to make a difference and challenge them to live up to that expectation), we then EMPOWER (them through trainings, seminars, summits, etc.)Once the enterprises begin to find their passion and fulfil their potentials, we present opportunities for them to IMPACT their environment though our special intervention projects.

For the years 2016 through 2017, we have selected 2 key projects; PATH and EDUKID. We do not pretend to have all the solution and hope our advocacy will influence decision makers, and the average person to join forces with us in our interventions.

Details are in the link.

The Value Centre which is the capacity development/ business support arm of FRAF has a couple of vehicles through which it will drive the foundation’s vision.

The annual ABUJA ECONOMIC SUMMIT, which kicked off on the 1st of November, 2016 with a deep session with the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, MAZI SAM OHUABUNWA is one of such initiatives.

Brief break down of this year’s summit.

Every year we will pull together a faculty of seasoned entrepreneurs who will share, inspire, and educate the attendees. (Look out for details of next year’s faculty on the foundations website shortly).

Secondly, The Value Centre’s team of professionals and resource persons and partner organizations, with expertise in different fields, who will be on hand to offer training and business support to businesses and individuals on relevant topics.

No nation has been known to move forward and accomplish great fits without the Government and private sector working in tandem to achieve a better future. African must learn from the lessons of other nations.


Meeting with Mazihttp://fijehrosefoundation.org/project/executive-strategy-session-with-mazi-sam-ohuabunwa/