Adding Value; Enhancing lives

The Value Centre

Committed to Enterprise Development and Disadvantaged Groups


Each individual can make a difference.

Regardless of what our personal struggles are; be inspired to think outside the box; to think of the needs you can meet, solutions you can provide, questions you can answer, problems you can solve. Be inspired to begin a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. 


Because preparation is important.

Because we know how important preparation is to the fulfilment of your goals, FRAF has designed trainings, seminars, summits, and other capacity building meetings just for you. Now is the time to find your passion and release your inner genius.



Through our special intervention projects.

Impact is at the core of what every individual calls his purpose. Whether you are looking at one solitary individual or a group of people, your value appreciates when you are able to make someone else’s life better. FRAF presents opportunities for IMPACT though our special intervention projects.

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